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3 Reasons SculpSure Body Sculpting Is So Popular

Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic, SculpSure

An ever-growing body of scientific research continues to reveal that the best way to keep your body lean, strong, and healthy is by staying physically active and eating a nutritionally sound diet. But even if you’ve made these tried-and-true strategies a normal part of your everyday life, you may wish your efforts gave you a trimmer, more sculpted body.

That’s because, no matter how hard you work to stay lean, you can’t control exactly how your body chooses to store extra calories.

In an ideal world, your body would kindly distribute any extra pounds in just the right places, leaving you beautifully shaped and well-proportioned. In the real world, however, your body may decide that your tummy, hips, or thighs are the perfect place to keep a good amount of your extra fat, leaving you fuller or thicker in places you’d rather be flatter or thinner.

This is where SculpSure® noninvasive body sculpting comes in — it gives you an easy way to target the exact areas of persistent fat you’d like to get rid of. And with an impressive patient satisfaction rate of over 90%, SculpSure has an exceptional track record that makes it one of the most in-demand body-sculpting treatments available.

Here’s what makes it so popular among men and women alike.

SculpSure is highly effective

As one of the most sophisticated forms of nonsurgical laser lipolysis available, SculpSure uses targeted wavelengths of light energy to permanently eliminate unwanted areas of diet-and-exercise-resistant fat.

When placed on your skin over unwanted bulges, the system’s four flat applicators deliver fat-melting energy directly into the targeted adipose (fat) cells, without impacting your skin or other nearby cells.

In a single 25-minute session, SculpSure can prompt the complete elimination of up to 24% of subcutaneous fat cells in a specific treatment area. Most people achieve optimal fat reduction and body-sculpting results after a series of customized, well-timed treatments designed to maximize the laser’s fat-burning effects.

SculpSure yields such outstanding results that over 90% of people who’ve had the treatment say they’d do it again in a heartbeat.

SculpSure is completely noninvasive

Another reason SculpSure body sculpting is so popular is that it gives you a way to get rid of fat without having to resort to surgery.

Before the arrival of laser lipolysis, anyone who wanted to spot reduce and sculpt their body this way had to undergo traditional liposuction, a surgical procedure that requires sedation, incisions, and substantial recovery time.

Liposuction surgery usually takes at least 90 minutes to complete, comes with a notable risk of discomfort and infection, and requires several days of planned downtime for proper healing. It’s not unusual for liposuction patients to experience varying degrees of swelling and bruising that lasts for days or even weeks following surgery.

SculpSure, on the other hand, is 100% noninvasive, meaning it doesn’t involve incisions or require anesthesia of any kind. But what, exactly, does this mean for you?

It means you can expect a comfortable, ultra-short treatment time — each pain-free session is 25 minutes or less — and absolutely no postprocedure downtime. In fact, many of our patients schedule their SculpSure sessions over their lunch breaks because they can jump right back into their normal routine immediately afterward.

SculpSure is remarkably easy

SculpSure body sculpting is FDA-cleared to permanently reduce persistent fat in the most common trouble spots, including the abdomen and flanks (love handles), back, inner and outer thighs, and under the chin.

Depending on the area of your body that you’d like to treat, we may ask you to lie on your back, side, or stomach during your session. Once you’re comfortably positioned, we get the SculpSure framework and applicators ready, adjust the laser to the appropriate setting, and switch on the system. As the laser works its magic, you’re free to read, watch television, check email, or simply relax.

While you can expect to feel a periodic warming or mild tingling sensation as the laser’s energy penetrates and superheats your undesired fat cells, these effects are well-tolerated by most people.

After the laser has successfully damaged the integrity of the targeted fat cells, your lymphatic system begins to systematically — and permanently — flush them from your body. Because this natural flushing process takes a few weeks, you can expect to see a noticeably tighter, slimmer body within 4-6 weeks of your first SculpSure session, and continued improvement with each successive session.

If you’d like to unveil your best body without having to cut more calories, spend more time at the gym, or go under the knife, the team at Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic can help. Call our office in Tyler, Texas, or use our convenient online tool to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brelsford.

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