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How Chemical Exfoliation Reveals Glowing Skin

When your skin is clear and even-toned, you radiate a sense of vitality. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have a naturally unblemished complexion. That’s where exfoliation comes into play. Chemical exfoliation can peel away the blemishes and reveal glowing skin beneath.

Dr. William Brelsford, a board-certified internist, and rheumatologist at Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic in Tyler, Texas, has provided effective pain relief for patients with a variety of bone and joint conditions for over 20 years. He recently expanded his practice to include the latest in anti-aging techniques, and he offers minimally invasive treatments to help refresh lackluster skin using your body’s natural resources.

What is chemical exfoliation?

Chemical exfoliants are topical applications that use natural acids to react with the skin and remove the layers of dead cells and excess oil that can make it look lackluster and cause blemishes. A chemical peel is one type of exfoliation that removes dead skin cells from the epidermis, the topmost layer of skin. As the chemicals go to work, the dead skin cells flake off and reveal healthy, fresh-looking skin beneath.

Some advantages of chemical exfoliation include:

What are AHAs and BHAs?

AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta-hydroxy acids) are contained in skincare products. The purpose of both compounds is to exfoliate the skin. Depending on the concentration, a product may simply remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, or it may remove the entire epidermal layer.

Both AHAs and BHAs can:

AHAs are water-soluble and are derived from sugary fruits. They peel away the skin’s surface, so new, more evenly pigmented skin cells from below can take their place. You’ll notice that your skin is smoother to the touch. AHAs are also particularly good at covering up age spots and other hyperpigmentation, as well as scars and enlarged pores.

BHAs, on the other hand, are oil-soluble. They penetrate deeper into the pores to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum. BHAs are particularly good for cleaning up acne and for sun damage. They’re most suitable for combination skin (a mix of dry and oily).

Though most products are gentle enough even for sensitive skin, it’s best to use a product every other or every third day to start to diminish the possibilities of dryness and redness. You can then move up to an everyday routine.

What else does the practice offer?

Dr. Brelsford offers a full line of scientifically based products to help you care for your skin — including chemical exfoliants — on your own. If you need a more intensive treatment, one that addresses the signs of aging while stimulating increased collagen production to strengthen and tone, he offers several procedures, including:

Is your skin making you feel old and drab? We can help. Call our office at 903-596-8858 or book an appointment online today to learn how chemical exfoliants can help you put your best face forward.

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