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How Pellevé Can Help You Regain a More Youthful Look

Even if you’ve always been confident in your appearance, growing older can be a real aesthetic game changer. While you probably didn’t stress over the early signs of aging (you may have even felt that those faint fine lines at the corners of your eyes made you look a bit more seasoned, in a worldly kind of way), it can be harder to embrace the emerging furrows in your forehead or the wrinkles around your mouth, especially as they become deeper and more noticeable.

Whether you’ve got fine lines and wrinkles you’d like to erase, or your skin has simply become a little bit looser than it used to be, advances in noninvasive aesthetic medicine make it possible to rejuvenate your skin and diminish the appearance of common age-related imperfections — all without having to resort to cosmetic injectables or go under the knife.

Here at Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic, we’re pleased to offer Pellevé® skin revitalization, a revolutionary wrinkle reduction system that uses advanced radiofrequency (RF) energy to restore more youthful skin from the inside out. Here’s how it works.

Age-related skin changes

During the aging process, changing hormone levels cause your skin to lose some of its natural elasticity and become more delicate. At the same time, skin may also become noticeably drier because of a natural decline in oil production. You end up with dry, thin skin that’s no long supple, so wrinkles begin to appear.

Your most sun-damaged areas of skin are especially prone to sagging and wrinkling with age because ultraviolet light breaks down the deepest layers of connective tissue that keep your skin flexible and strong, undermining its structure and resiliency.  

Skin renewal from the inside out

If you wish there was an easy, noninvasive way you erase years from your appearance, you’re in luck: Pellevé is a state-of-the-art skin revitalization system that uses noninvasive RF energy to diminish wrinkles and fine lines while simultaneously toning and tightening your skin.

This technology uses a specialized handheld applicator to send therapeutic levels of RF energy into the deepest layers of your epidermis, where it warms the tissues and stimulates collagen and elastin renewal. Collagen is the main protein that gives your skin its structure, and elastin is the primary protein that helps your skin retain its shape.

Because your body continues to ramp up its production of collagen and elastin in the days and weeks following treatment, you’ll notice increasingly smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin for months to come.

Easy, noninvasive, and painless

Pellevé is a gentle, comfortable treatment that many people have likened to having a relaxing hot stone massage. Although it can treat virtually any area of skin on your body, the Pellevé system is most often used to rejuvenate facial skin. It can help diminish the appearance of:

The amount of time it takes to complete one session depends on the size of area you’d like to address. A complete facial treatment takes 45-60 minutes.  

Pellevé is safe for every skin type, which means that anyone who wants to tighten, firm, and otherwise improve the appearance of their skin is probably a good candidate for the treatment.

You don’t need to do much to prepare for your Pellevé session — just make sure you’re well-hydrated before your appointment and avoid wearing makeup. There’s no downtime afterward either, so you can resume your normal routine as soon as you’re done.

All-natural, long-lasting results

Because the Pellevé wrinkle reduction and skin tightening system relies on your body’s natural healing mechanisms to achieve results, you can expect to see smoother, tighter skin with two to four weeks of your first treatment.

Although most women and men see substantial results after just one session, the average person benefits from having multiple treatments.

Pellevé sessions should be scheduled at least a month apart to allow ample time for the collagen-elastin renewal process. Most people achieve the beautiful, long-lasting results they’re looking for after just three to five treatments.

If you’re ready to explore how Dr. William Brelsford can help you turn back the hands of time with Pellevé, call our office in Tyler, Texas. Or if you prefer, simply schedule an appointment while you’re here on the website.

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