Live in the Body You Desire with SculpSure®

We live in an exciting time — now more than ever, adults of all ages are embracing a body-positive attitude that allows them to view their bodies through a drama-free lens of appreciation and self-confidence.

For a significant number of people, this more centered and sincere approach to self-image and self-care also includes acknowledging that there are little things they’d like to change about their shape, but that doing so isn’t about pandering to perfection. It’s about being more comfortable in their own skin.

If your desired body shape is hiding under a few areas of persistent fat that you can’t seem to get rid of through diet and exercise, SculpSure® noninvasive body sculpting can help you spot reduce those tenacious trouble spots in a few quick, targeted treatment sessions. Here’s how it works.

Banish bothersome bulges

SculpSure body contouring is a quick, effortless way to target and eliminate specific pockets of stubborn and otherwise unwanted fat. But how, exactly, does it work?

The SculpSure system uses a series of specialized applicators to send fixed wavelengths of laser energy into the cells that make up the layer of fat that’s situated just beneath your skin.

Without having any adverse effect on your dermal tissues or other neighboring body cells, this precisely directed energy heats the targeted fat cells from the inside out, interfering with their ability to function as they should.  

Because your body can’t use damaged fat cells to store extra calories, your lymphatic system swings into action and permanently flushes them away. As this internal cleansing of damaged fat cells continues in the weeks following treatment, you’ll be left with a trimmer, more sculpted body.  

Create the shape you want

No matter how hard you work to stay physically fit or keep unwanted pounds at bay, you can’t control where your body stores extra calories. Some people are genetically predisposed to carrying persistent fat in their midsections, while others are more likely to carry extra fat on their hips, around their thighs, or beneath their chins.   

No matter where your trouble spots happen to be, SculpSure puts you in control of deciding exactly which pockets of stubborn fat you’d like to get rid of, and what kind of body contouring results you’re hoping to accomplish.

As a nonsurgical lipolysis treatment that’s FDA-cleared to permanently reduce fat in five common problem areas, SculpSure can help you:

Whatever your body shape goals happen to be, SculpSure gives you a way to reach those goals and attain your ideal physique — nothing more, nothing less.  

Enjoy life-long results

When you burn calories and shed excess pounds through diet and exercise, your fat cells simply shrink; they don’t disappear altogether. This means that should your healthy habits happen to change, those fully viable cells are ready and waiting to store extra calories (or pack on the pounds) once again.

The fat cells targeted by SculpSure, on the other hand, are permanently eliminated from your body and can’t be regenerated. In fact, a single 25-minute SculpSure session can destroy up to 24% of fat cells in the treated area.

While this doesn’t mean that areas treated by SculpSure are forever immune from weight gain, it does mean that you should be able to easily maintain your body-contouring results if you continue to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

If you’re ready to start living in the body you’ve always wanted, we can help. Call Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic in Tyler, Texas, or use our easy online scheduling tool to book a SculpSure consultation with Dr. Brelsford.  

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