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Nonsurgical Body Sculpting With SculpSure: Are You a Candidate?

It takes a lot of work to maintain a healthy body weight these days, especially when time is limited, junk food is everywhere, and the average adult spends most days sitting in a chair.

If you’re like most people, you’ve learned that staying active and avoiding common dietary pitfalls may help you achieve a healthy number on the bathroom scale, but it won’t necessarily give you the lean, sculpted body you want.

A lot of women and men struggle with persistent fat, or those stubborn bulges on your belly, back, flanks, hips, thighs, or chin that hang on for dear life despite your best weight efforts at weight loss. Fortunately, advances in nonsurgical body sculpting make it possible to target these pockets of unwanted fat quickly, safely, and effectively.

Here at Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic in Tyler, Texas, we offer SculpSure® noninvasive body sculpting. It’s a groundbreaking fat reduction system that uses advanced laser technology to destroy fat cells in targeted areas, giving you a leaner profile without surgery.

Read on to discover what SculpSure can do for you.

Eliminate persistent fat

SculpSure is a state-of-the-art body sculpting system by CynoSure® that’s FDA-cleared to permanently reduce areas of diet- and exercise-resistant fat in five treatment areas, including the abdomen, back, flanks, thighs, and beneath the chin.

Through four highly specialized applicators placed against your skin over the treatment area, the SculpSure system uses precision laser energy to penetrate the fat cells beneath your skin, without affecting your skin tissues.  

When the energy superheats your fat cells, it damages their durability so they can no longer function properly. As your body’s natural immune response recognizes that these fat cells are beyond repair, it prompts your lymphatic system to flush them from your body, leaving you with a slimmer, more contoured body.   

Sculpt and shape your body

As a treatment that’s specifically designed to melt away fat cells in the most common problem areas, SculpSure nonsurgical body sculpting can help you shrink your love handles, smooth out your muffin top, flatten your lower belly, eliminate back rolls, slim your thighs, and redefine your chin.

Basically, SculpSure does what diet and exercise can’t do — it allows you to spot reduce and sculpt the specific areas of your body that you’d like to change.

It may be an ideal solution for you if you’re don’t really need to lose weight, but you wish you could find a way to tighten up one or more of these common trouble spots. If you’re still pursuing your ideal body weight, however, SculpSure can help you complete the contouring process after you’ve reached your weight loss goals.

Quick, easy, and painless

One SculpSure session takes just 25 minutes to complete. In that amount of time, we can treat your entire midsection using all four applicators. Most people get the results they’re after by targeting several select areas over the course of multiple treatment sessions.

Unlike liposuction or other nonsurgical fat reduction treatments that use intense cold to target unwanted areas of fat, SculpSure is a gentle, painless procedure. Although you may perceive a slight tingling sensation when the laser penetrates your fat cells, the feeling is mild, brief, and generally well-tolerated.

SculpSure is also completely noninvasive, which means it doesn’t require any downtime, and you can get right back into your normal routine immediately afterward.  

Beautiful, long-lasting results

When you lose excess fat through diet and exercise, your fat cells simply shrink, but they don’t disappear. So even when you have less fat on your body, you still have the same number of functioning fat cells. So as soon as your daily calories begin to exceed your activity level, those deflated cells will be ready to store whatever you don’t use.

One of the main benefits of using the SculpSure system to target persistent fat is that it actually destroys the targeted fat cells, prompting your body to eliminate them. By harnessing your lymphatic system to permanently flush unwanted fat cells from your body, SculpSure is able to deliver beautiful, long-lasting results.

Whether you recently reached your weight-loss goal and you’d like to enhance your results, or you’ve always wanted to have a slimmer midsection, SculpSure gives you a way to achieve your best body — nothing more, nothing less.  

If you’d like to explore how you can get a slimmer look with SculpSure body sculpting treatments by Dr. William Brelsford, call our office in Tyler, Texas, or use the easy online booking tool on this website to set up a consultation any time.

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