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Stubborn Fat Has Met Its Match with WarmSculpting™ by SculpSure®

Everyone wants to look their best. Eating a healthy diet, following an exercise routine, and maintaining a healthy weight are all important if you want to live a quality life and feel your most confident.

But sometimes it might seem like your body has a mind of its own. It’s not uncommon to live a healthy lifestyle but still be stuck with lingering areas of unwanted fat. If you’re bothered by stubborn fat that won’t go away no matter what you do, you’re not alone. 

The good news is that stubborn fat has met its match with WarmSculpting™ by SculpSure® at Dr. Brelsford’s office in Tyler, Texas. A completely noninvasive way to eliminate unwanted fat, WarmSculpting helps you achieve the body sculpted look you’ve always wanted. 

WarmSculpting tackles frustrating fat

Certain areas of the body are more likely to store fat that seems resistant to diet and exercise. Common trouble spots for men and women alike include the:

WarmSculpting targets and destroys stubborn fat cells to slim and tone. Laser energy travels below the skin’s surface to reach fat cells, gently heating them and damaging their structural integrity. The procedure doesn’t damage the surface of your skin, and it’s FDA-approved to remove unwanted fat.

When fat cells are compromised, your body naturally processes and eliminates them. In about 12 weeks, your body removes the fat cells in the treatment area and you achieve a slimmer, contoured look.

One of the best benefits of WarmSculpting is that fat is permanently eliminated. Fat cells can’t regenerate once they’re destroyed. Results are permanent as long as you continue to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Preparing for your WarmSculpting treatment

WarmSculpting is a popular aesthetic treatment because it’s a noninvasive, permanent way to eliminate stubborn fat. Treatment takes just 25 minutes per session, and it feels like a gentle tingling and deep warming sensation.

When you come in for WarmSculpting, our team begins by preparing the skin in the treatment area. You’ll lay comfortably as the WarmSculpting panels gently heat fat cells to destroy them. There’s no downtime, so you can return to your normal activities immediately following treatment.

Our team customizes your WarmSculpting treatment plan. You may be a good candidate for WarmSculpting if you are close to your ideal weight and already live a healthy lifestyle but need help achieving your aesthetic goals.

While every patient is different, many people are pleased with the results they achieve with a series of WarmSculpting treatments. You can expect your results to begin developing as early as six weeks following treatment, with optimal results appearing after 12 weeks. 

You can achieve your desired look with the help of WarmSculpting. To learn more, call us at 903-596-8858 or book a consultation with Dr. Brelsford online today.

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