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Turning Back the Years with Pelleve

For men and women across the country, looking youthful is an incredibly important pursuit. As the years fly by and skin becomes looser and wrinkles deepen, many of us find looking into the mirror increasingly intimidating. Diminishing the appearance of these wrinkles and tightening saggy skin is an uphill battle as lotions and creams can only do so much. It’s enough to make anyone feel like that the vibrancy and natural glow they once had is simply gone forever.

However, medical science has come a long way in helping adults of all ages eradicate these unsightly lines and turn back the clock dramatically on their body’s appearance. In fact, many men and women are turning away from antiquated creams and ointments in favor of cutting-edge noninvasive procedures that work with their time and budget in mind. It’s one of the many reasons why our Tyler, TX facilities are so popular with those people who want to recapture their youth quickly and affordably.

Although there are a number of noninvasive procedures that can flatten out wrinkles and comfortably stretch skin to its desired tautness, the Pellevé skin-tightening treatment is fast becoming one of the top choices for wrinkle-reducing procedures.

Understanding Pellevé

A revolution in rejuvenating skin therapies, Pellevé is a leading treatment option for the erasure of wrinkles by its very design. While other skin-tightening process use chemical compounds to achieve results, this incredible new procedure instead implements radiofrequency waves to undo the effects of natural aging.

As we age, the body’s supply of collagen and elastin increasingly diminishes over the years. Since elastin and collagen are responsible for providing our skin with elasticity and firmness, the loss of these proteins visibly impacts our bodies in very noticeable ways. The wrinkles that gradually form around the creases in our face and the sagginess of loose skin is all caused as a result of the dwindling of these protein reserves in our bodies.

Developed through leading medical research, the Pellevé process involves the targeted application of radiofrequency in key trouble spots where elastin and collagen are in short supply. Totally painless and noninvasive in nature, these treatments are performed by an experienced technician who pulses problematic areas where wrinkles appear with radiofrequency waves. The radiofrequency triggers the body to react by stimulating collagen production in the applied area, encouraging new collagen and elastin while locally stopping protein loss.

What Can Pellevé Treat?

One of the remarkable features of this cutting-edge skin-tightening procedure is its versatility in what it is able to precisely target. In most cases, Pellevé is used by patients to treat saggy skin and deep wrinkles around the face and neck. This can include forehead lines, wrinkles around the mouth, crow’s feet or loose skin around the eyes, and lines between the eyebrows.

In addition to the face and neck, Pellevé can be used along with massage to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite in other areas. This is accomplished by applying radiofrequency to cellulite deposits and gently warming body fluids in that region. This, in turn, stimulates the patient’s lymphatic system, causing the cellulite to reduce in appearance.

Safe and Fast Skin-Tightening

Pellevé has also become a top choice for many men and women due to the simplicity and speed of the treatment process. During the skin-tightening procedure, patients remain comfortable as the technician applies radiofrequency topically to the body. These treatment sessions tend to last anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes depending on how many areas are being targeted. This means that Pellevé patients are able to easily fit the process into their busy lives with no downtime whatsoever following application.

Standard scheduling of Pellevé skin-tightening procedures tends to be around four weeks between each session, with maximum results achieved between three to five treatments in total. The period between treatments allows the body to naturally respond to the radiofrequency effects, producing the optimal amount of collagen necessary to achieve the desired impact.

It should be noted that patients see noticeable results progressively over the course of consecutive treatments. Since Pellevé avoids the side effects and long-term impact of other chemically-based skin-tightening procedures, the body’s natural metabolism plays a critical part in the process. This means that time must be allowed for skin to gradually rebuild through the production of collagen. On average, first results become visible around thirty days after the initial treatment. Significant results can be seen after or around ninety days.

Your Local Texas Pellevé Provider

At Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet our patients’ many diverse needs. As a leading provider of Pellevé treatment in the Tyler, TX area, we are uniquely equipped to apply this cutting-edge skin-tightening solution within the comfort of our state-of-the-art facilities. Request an appointment with us today and we can consult with you regarding whether Pellevé is the right fit for your busy life.

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