Understanding Cytokines

Cytokines are proteins formed by cells that act as molecular messengers between cells. For those with arthritis, for example, cytokines control many inflammatory responses. As part of the immune system, cytokines stabilize your body's response to disease and infection and facilitate normal cellular processes in your body.

Regenerative medicine expert William Brelsford, MD, offers groundbreaking regenerative medicine treatments by harnessing the power of these unique proteins. Located in Tyler, Texas, Dr. Brelsford creates personalized plans for those suffering from chronic or acute pain. Using innovative methods by tapping into your body’s healing responses, you experience fast and efficient pain relief.

Dr. Brelsford successfully employs regenerative therapies to help you regain mobility quickly and painlessly. This is all made possible by BioBurst® and your own cytokines. 

What are cytokines?

Cytokines carry “chemical messages” to cells in the form of protein molecules. Cytokines are involved in almost every biological process and stimulate the replication, development, and disease control of cells. They’re a normal part of your body’s immune reaction.

Though cytokines play a crucial role in fighting off disease, they may also damage or destroy cells in response to conditions, causing adverse reactions. You’ve likely heard the term “cytokine storm” in association with diseases including COVID-19. In a cytokine storm, your body releases an excess of cytokines, which is why treatment involving cytokines needs to be carefully controlled.

How cytokines work

Your immune system is complex. Different kinds of immune cells and proteins do different jobs. Cytokines are among those proteins. To understand the pain caused by soft tissue problems such as osteoarthritis, joint injury, and post-surgical healing, you’ll need to understand the role of cytokines.

Your cells release cytokines into body tissues or your blood. The cytokines detect the immune cells they're intended to target, and then they bind to the cell's receptors. This communication triggers or stimulates precise reactions by the target cells.

Why are cytokines important?

The power of cytokines lives in our ability to manipulate and stimulate their production to get a specific biological response. Understanding how cytokines work, when they’re produced, and, more importantly, what biological response they generate is revolutionizing treatment options in modern medicine.

Using BioBurst to help and heal

At the Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic, Dr. Brelsford offers BioBurst® regenerative therapy to provide pain relief and promote healing in your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. BioBurst provides tremendous cellular and extracellular growth, which gives your body a signal to promote healing and regeneration. 

This cutting edge treatment is derived from cellular umbilical cord blood. Stem cells from the donor tissue graft are a rich source of growth factors, including collagen and elastin, supporting tissue repair and renewal. This kind of regenerative therapy is beneficial for those with joint injuries, those who have recently had surgery, or those dealing with pain from osteoarthritis.

To find out if BioBurst can help speed up your recovery or relieve your pain, call our office today to schedule an appointment. You can also use our convenient online booking tool to plan your visit.

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